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Special moments

Your special moments deserve to be captured and framed so you can enjoy them and cherish them for years to come!
Book your individual photoshoot and capture your magical travel memories whether it’s a special occasion, you are a content creator or just want to capture the magic of Vienna as a souvenir from your trip.

Let’s make your memories last forever with your private Vienna photoshoot!

Meet your photographer

Hi, I am Mila!

I believe in living a life of passion, inspiration, and meaning. I believe in the sparkle inside you and that the world deserves to see it!

I am a portrait, lifestyle, content, and personal branding photographer.

As a passionate artist and photographer calling Vienna home, I’m all about capturing those jaw-dropping moments that make your trip unforgettable!

Picture this: strolling through Vienna’s charming streets, laughing under the golden glow of historic landmarks – that’s the magic I’m here to freeze-frame for you!

Being an avid traveler myself, I understand the importance of preserving the memories from your journey. That’s why I pour my heart and soul into every photoshoot, ensuring that each image tells a story and evokes cherished emotions for years to come.

What will you get?

Local Photographer

You will have a local photographer who knows the best spots for photos.

Welcome city guide

You will receive a small city guide with recommnedations for your trip.

Outfit guide 

You will receive a guide how to prepare and what to wear for your photoshoot.

Insider stories

Your photographer will not only take your photos but share with you interesting information about their city.

Professional edited photos

You will receive the best professionally edited, digital photos from your photoshoot.

Vienna with a local

This is not just a photoshoot, but an experience of Vienna with a local who will give your tips about your stay. 

Make memories

Discover the most magical city with your own, private travel photoshoot.

No need to research the best spots for photos or ask strangers on the street to take your picture.

I’ll guide you through my favorite locations, while sharing with you tips and ideas about my favorite city and guide you in finding the best poses for your photos.



If you are looking for jaw dropping professional level photographs of your trip to Vienna, look no further. Mila will work a great deal magic to make you look like you belong in either the Kunsthistoriches or Vogue Magazine. She’s got a real creative talent, digging up all the best spots of the city for the perfect snapshot! I’m writing this review just after checking the pictures we took and I couldn’t be happier! Mila’s very friendly and communicative and will make you feel comfortable during every aspect of the shoot.


If you’re in Vienna, do yourself a favor and hire Mila for a photo shoot. It’s well worth it. Mila was so sweet and did an amazing job. As a solo traveler, I struggle to get good pictures , I’m so glad I hired Mila, now I have pictures as keepsake from my trip to the beautiful picturesque city of Vienna. More over, she made me so comfortable. The pictures came out great.


Mila is absolutely EXTRAORDINARY to say the least. She cares so much about what she does and you can tell. She goes super above and beyond, takes her time, and makes sure the pictures are awesome. She gave me soooo many stunning, beautiful pictures. I cannot recommend Mila enough, absolutely amazing!!!!


Mila's Photography in Vienna was truly exceptional. Mila's guidance on posing, her deep knowledge of the city's best photo locations, and her expert advice on how to dress for the perfect shot, all contributed to a fantastic photoshoot experience. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for beautiful photographs in Vienna!


I had a photoshoot with Mila and the pictures came out beautifully ! They were absolutely stunning and exceeded my expectations. I also like how quick she was, I received all of the pictures so promptly. She have a real talent for capturing the perfect moments and I will definitely be recommending Mila to anyone who wants to make a professional photo session in Vienna!


Up till now no one was able to make us such a wonderful, heart melting photoshoot. Mila works with a passion, creativity and joy and you can see it shining through every single shot. Highly recommend.


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Book your dream Vienna photoshoot with a local photographer and make the most of your stay in the imperial city!